Business sectors

Motor industry

ARIAS Associates is aware of the strong technological and economic issues concerning the vehicle of the future, both in terms of the intelligence of the vehicle and alternative energies which will supply it. They strive to invest substantial resources to assist manufacturers and suppliers in the sector, from reflection on concepts to creating the products.


Energy has become the major artery of our daily lives. ARIAS Associates is aware of the big issues that the future of this sector holds. They are strongly involved in research and development programmes as well as in deployment operations in the renewable, thermal and nuclear energy industries.


ARIAS Associates helps companies in the aeronautical sector thanks to its expertise developed in prescriptive, regulatory and security environments, as well as products which are subject to high demands and constraints.


ARIAS Associates offers its clients in the railway sector all its expertise developed in the areas where it operates, such as energy, materials associated with nanotechnology, etc., and which will significantly influence the development of the train of the future.


Industry is affected by great stresses given the significant increase in the costs of materials and environmental constraints. With this observation, ARIAS Associates is committed to working with its clients in this sector, such as metallurgy, foundry, paper, etc. on optimisation studies, both on products and their processes and methods.

Health / Biomedical / Pharmaceuticals

Industries in the health/biomedical/pharmacy markets are subject to cutting-edge requirements, quality assurance standards associated with particularly strict regulatory constraints. Understanding this, ARIAS Associates assists its clients in improving the performance of product manufacturing processes in compliance with sector-specific regulatory constraints.


In an international context of price volatility on raw materials markets and in a national environment marked by a period of deflation due to an increasing price war, there has to be innovation. With this observation, ARIAS Associates assists its clients in this industry via research and the development of new means and methods of gathering raw materials to improve productivity and to bring more value to the finished product.

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We are involved in all phases of the project
Every day we work on the technical, functional or organisational projects of our clients who are mainly major players in industry. The know-how and expertise of our teams of engineers and experienced technicians give us the capacity to respond to any or all phases of a project.
From the strategic study phase to the lifecycle of the project/product we are able to guarantee the success of the assignments that you entrust to us.

Our areas of intervention

Technical Assistance

Immersion of our teams of consultant engineers with our clients to provide advice, skills and expertise for the proper conduct of projects.

  • This assistance within the client's environment facilitates strong and optimal adaptability.
  • This proximity allows us to meet the requirements of the client's technical specifications.
  • This interactivity on a daily basis ensures transparency in exchanges and contributes to the smooth running of the project.
  • The integration of our consultants within the client's internal resources leads to the project being completed meeting the triple aim of quality/cost/timescale.

Together we combine flexibility and performance.

Service Centre

A single package consisting of a team of a minimum of five consultants commissioned to manage and run sizeable projects at the client's premises. Starting with the client's specifications, we commit on deliverables, deadlines and costs. An outsourced development platform enables teams and infrastructure to be put in place, dedicated to one or more projects including:

  • A local platform with secure connections.
  • A jointly-defined development methodology.
  • Management and quality-related indicators.
  • Joint management of Client-ARIAS Associates projects


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ARIAS Associates is a systems engineering consulting company involved in the engineering trades.

Technical skills

  • Design of intelligent and complex systems
  • Development of sensors
  • Electronic integration with environmental constraints
  • Dependability
  • Design of robots
  • Development of test benches
  • Commissioning of control and signalling systems
  • Deployment of innovative solutions
  • Multidisciplinary industrial project management

  • Design of digital or analogue systems
  • Schematics/test/routing
  • CEM studies
  • Standard and specific communication buses
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Monitoring of the manufacture of components
  • Maintenance in operating condition
  • Improvement and/or modification and/or supervision of production line

  • Drawing up of general specifications, works contracts and technical specifications
  • Equipment sizing and installation: cabinets, cables, etc.
  • Development of policy loop diagrams
  • Commissioning of rotating machines and facilities
  • Choice of equipment
  • Impact network studies
  • Commissioning of installations

  • Creating schemas
  • Integration of robotic cells
  • Optimisation of manufacturing processes
  • Creation of networks of automated systems
  • Programming
  • Supervision of production
  • Camera control
  • On-site installation
  • Compliance
  • Industry 4.0

  • Software product development
  • Detailed study, preparation of the general specification
  • Functional analysis
  • Software design requirements specification
  • Design of software architectures
  • Coding
  • Unit testing, integration, validation and software qualification
  • Deployment

Functional skills

  • Preliminary studies
  • Search for techno-economic solutions
  • Encryption
  • Needs analysis
  • Definition of the general specification

  • Industrial project management
  • Process engineering
  • Continuous improvement

  • Components/project technical procurement
  • Supply
  • Expediting
  • Negotiation
  • Project/team interfacing (quality/methods)

  • Flow optimisation
  • Implementation of platforms
  • Definition of logistics strategies
  • Project/team interfacing (product/process/purchasing)

  • Audit
  • Quality inspection
  • Scrap analysis on a production line and corrective actions
  • Compliance
  • Implementation of preventive actions

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Innovation partner

ARIAS Associates is heavily engaged in technological innovations.

Since its inception it has built strong partnerships with centres of academic research and innovation centres among its clients, which means it has now become very much involved in many projects with a strong technological character.
Since 2011 ARIAS Associates has been recognised by the Ministry of Education and Research which has issued the accreditation "Research Tax Credit".
This recognition is a guarantee for our clients in the ability of our teams, with proven expertise, to carry out large-scale technological projects.

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